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NanoLiposomal Nutrition - an important breakthrough!
Dr. Donsbach introduces NanoLiposomals
Dr. Donsbach's announces NanoLiposomal Nutrition
Rarely in my career of over 50 years have I had the opportunity to introduce a breakthrough, which I knew in advance, would change the course of health care and nutrition.

As you know, most of my work has been in the field of Nutritional Supplements.  I've come up with over 200 original formulas.  I've called these classes of formulas either "Products with a Purpose", or "Evidence Based Nutrition"

But honestly, neither of these lines of nutritionals, nor any of their formulas had the potential to provoke the fundamental ground change in health, wellness and preventative medicine that I foresee with this newest development:

Nanaosomal Nutritionals are a new class of supplements that have the ability to deliver extraordinary nutrition at a cellular level.

Nanosomal Nutritionals address one of fundamental difficulties with nutritional supplementation up to now:

The incomplete absorption of nutrient content. 

Most of the nutrition we expect to get from our supplements often pass through the digestive system unused -  eliminated by the digestive system before they're absorbed.

Nanosomal Nutritionals are uniquely different from every other nutritional formula available today for three important reasons:
  1. The Essential Nutrients in Each formula are Liposomally Encapsulated.   Liposomal Encapsulation means that the desired nutrient is not diminished in potency as it journeys from your mouth through your digestive system.  As soon as you put something into your mouth your digestive system - the saliva in your mouth, your digestive juices, friendly bacteria, bile salts, etc. - go to work breaking things down into a bio-available form - everything else is eliminated. Liposomal Encapsulation encloses the nutrients in microscopic spheres of phospholipids which are not eliminated by your digestive system, but in fact are absorbed through the wall of the intestines, picked up by the blood stream and put right to work .  Better yet, this encapsulating fat, usually lechithin, contains important phospholipids.  These phopholipids themselves are recognized by injured cells throughout our body as valuable anti-oxidants, needed for cell regeneration.  So, rather than being eliminated by your digestive system, Liposomal Encapsulation makes the nutrients you need immediately bio-available to your body in near full strength.                                                              
  2. The Nutrients are Nano-Particle-Sized  It is the ultra small size of the nutrients that allows them to pass through the cell wall and allow absorption at a cellular level.  The size of these nutrient particles are extremely small, between 30 and 10,000 nanometers. (Atoms and molecules, the smallest things in the universe, are measured in nanometers. A molecule of water is less than an nanometer.  A typical germ is 1000 nanometers. A hair is 100,000 nanometers wide.  A typical red blood cell is 8000 nanometers) So these Nano-Particle-Sized Liposomes are very small.   Nano-encapsulation also keeps the nutrients fresh and helps to preserve the active strength of the ingredients much longer than traditionally formulated supplements. Nanoencapsulation is achieved under very carefully controlled laboratory conditions of precisely modulated heating and cooling.  These products should be kept away from extreme temperatures, they are best stored in a moderate environment of between 40 and 80 degrees F.                                                                       
  3. Our Products are Formulated in Our Own Laboratories and Produced in Our Own Facility Under the Strictest  FDA Government Mandated Standards.        Dr. Donsbach and his team of scientists and chemists have taken all of their experience and have applied it to make these nutrients the most effective ever.

If you have had varying results from your supplemental protocols, you should try Nano-Liposomals today.

Up to now the most efficient way of administering supplemental nutrients to the body has been through intravenous injection, but now:

"Liposomally Encapsulated Nutrients ...blurs the distinction between oral and intravenous therapies"  (Hickey & Roberts, "Cancer and Nutrition"). 

The authors go on to say that if they had a choice between intravenous vitamin C and NanoLiposomal Vitamin C, they would choose the Oral, Liposomal Formula. 

Dr. Donsbach has formulated has first complement of NanoLiposomal Nutrient Formulas. 

Five of the available formulas are single nutrients and seven are proprietary multiple-ingredient formulations.  These multi-ingredient formulas provide targeted high level nutritional support for particular chronic diseases.                                            

What Are Nano-Liposomals?
Nano-technology allows us to micro-particalize the active ingredients we encapsulate into liposomes.

Our single nutrient formulas contain either:

The nano-particles of these nutrients are captured by a conversion process into special water and fat soluble spheres.  These micro-spheres, a few millionths of an inch in diameter; are able to pass through the gut lining avoiding digestion. These nutrient-containing bubbles are now in the blood stream, ready to be absorbed by the cells in your body as needed. As with the gut wall, the cell wall loves liposomes because they are made up of a similar material (phosphatidyl choline, lecithin, phosphatidyl serine, CLA, etc). The encapsulated nutrients are put to use within the cell while the liposomal material itself is used by the cell membrane.

NanoLiposomes - a huge advance in both efficiency and effectiveness of supplemental nutrition!